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What Is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone prescribed for opiate addiction, most commonly for Heroin and prescription pain killers like Morphine, Hydrocodone, and Oxycontin, as well as Methadone.  Suboxone’s benefit over methadone is that it cannot be addictive and it does not stay in your body. Methadone, once referred as transparent shackles does not exist with Suboxone.  Suboxone treatment can be tapered off at the comfort of the patient’s safety. One cannot overdose from it regardless if it is crushed or injected. Suboxone is a “partial-agonist” opiate, this means that it occupies the opiate receptors in your brain (so you don’t have cravings or feelings of withdrawal), but does not cause feelings of being “high”.

Suboxone comes in many forms, but the two most popular are, oral  tablets and sublingual film, aka “strips”. Recently, a new delivery system has been developed. Bunavail is a “buccal film”, meaning it dissolves inside the mouth, by being pressed against the cheek.  Our center prescribes this treatment as an outpatient therapy. Dr Liliana M. Awan MD is a Board certified Family Medical physician and certified by the AAAP and SAMHSA in addiction. She also was the Director of New Vision a medical stabilization unit for inpatients for 10 years at Memorial Pembroke Hospital in Southeast Florida.  Treatment is based on patient’s own comfort to wean off the medication. This treatment is available at her clinic as an outpatient basis. One does not have to go to a clinic as you do for methadone, and is done in a private setting with the doctor. Usually Dr. Liliana M. Awan MD needs to see her Suboxone patients once a month at a very reasonable price compared to many centers which charge more and require more frequent visits. Regardless Dr. Awan is available for her patients at anytime.