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Radiofrequency Face and Body Contouring

Non-surgical face and body contouring have steadily gained popularity in recent years. New technologies are now allowing patients to achieve their desired body contours and tighter facial skin without the necessity of incisions, sutures, and scars. Of all the non-invasive methods, radiofrequency energy offers the most to patients. When radiofrequency energy is administered to the face, it heats the tissues which cause coagulation and collagen production, thus resulting in tighter and smoother-looking skin. When radiofrequency is delivered to the body, it not only tightens the skin to reduce laxity but also destroys unwanted fat cell in the body. Radiofrequency body contouring does what no other non-invasive body contouring procedure can: reduces stubborn fat pockets and tightens skin. This procedure is appropriate for patients of all skin tones and types.