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Family Practice

Dr. Liliana Marcu Awan MD, FAAFP is a unique practitioner because she has been taking care of patients in the hospital at Memorial Health Systems and also on an outpatient basis at her clinic, Medical Center of Hollywood Family, Cosmetic, and Ketamine Infusion Center. This has expanded her knowledge and has allowed her to follow her patients at the office and the hospital for continuity of care. She also sees other patients at the hospital that may not be her patients at her clinic. Dr. Liliana Marcu Awan MD sees patients of all ages from pediatric age to the geriatric population in the community. She regularly sees patients for gynecological reasons. Dr. Liliana Marcu Awan MD has the unique quality of seeing the patient as a whole. Not only does she focus on the different organ systems of our body, but her compassionate and open approach with her knowledge in polysubstance abuse and detox. makes her a complete package for every walk of life. In addition, to her certification for use of Suboxone, Dr. Liliana Marcu Awan is certified in cosmetics and aesthetics enjoys the art of fillers and Botox, bringing a smile to her patients.