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Emsculpt Neo® in Hollywood, FL

Emsculpt Neo® is a next-generation body sculpting technology that combines muscle building with fat reduction to reveal a sleeker, more toned, and defined appearance.The technique uses the same electromagnetic energy as the standard Emsculpt® device but adds radiofrequency energy into the mix to provide more intense muscle-building, fat reduction, and skin tightening outcomes. Better yet, it offers visible results with zero downtimes.

Am I a Candidate for Emsculpt Neo®?

If you struggle with small pockets of fat that won’t go away or want to tone up your muscles but don’t have the time to commit to a consistent exercise routine, the Emsculpt Neo® procedure can come in handy.

Since the treatment isn’t a weight-reduction procedure, patients are advised to be close to their ideal weight for optimal results. However, due to its distinct advantages, it can treat patients with a BMI of 35 or lower. Good candidates should be in good overall health, not pregnant, and realistic in their expectations of the procedure’s outcome.

During your initial consultation, your provider will assess your situation and determine if Emsculpt Neo® is suitable for you.

How Is Emsculpt Neo® Performed?

During the treatment, the Emsculpt Neo® applicator is applied to the target body area (such as the abdomen, thighs, butt, legs, upper arms, calves, etc.) for around 30 minutes.

The device emits high-intensity electromagnetic energy combined with radiofrequency energies, providing deep thermal warming within the targeted tissues.

This results in muscle contractions that can’t be achieved through exercise alone. Extreme stress increases muscle fibers and cells, leading to improved muscle tone and strength over time.

Further, heating the tissues induces apoptosis, a process where fat cells are permanently damaged and removed from the body gradually.

The HIFEM® stimulation feels like an intense muscle workout while radiofrequency produces a mild warming sensation over the skin comparable to the heat of a hot stone massage. Typically, a total of four treatments over a four-week period is required for the best results.

No pain is experienced.

What Is Emsculpt Neo® Recovery Like?

After the treatment, patients may expect to feel mildly sore, similar to a strength training workout. Some redness may occur as well, but these effects should disappear in a few days.


Since there is relatively no downtime, you can get back to your normal activities right after the procedure.

What Results Can I Expect From Emsculpt Neo®?

Research shows that Emsculpt Neo® offers a 25 percent increase in muscle mass and nearly 30 percent reduction in subcutaneous fat after the course of treatment. It may take up to three months for the full results to be evident since the muscle and fat need time to respond and adapt to the treatments.

To maintain the results, patients should eat a well-balanced diet and incorporate a regular exercise regimen into their routine.

Interested in Emsculp Neo® in Hollywood, FL?

Emsculpt Neo® may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Take the first step towards a sleeker, firmer, more sculpted look by contacting us at 954-889-0211 or filling our online form to schedule your consultation with us.

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