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Overplumped Lips , 5 Ways to Avoid

Lip fillers-pout-plumping injections-are super popular  right now.  Anyone can walk in and in under an hour have new luscious lips they love.  We regularly welcome walk ins.  If you have done the groundwork to find an awesome injecting doctor, you are ready for your appointment.

  1. Go in knowing what you want, but also be flexible with your injector.  Discuss what you desire and use words like “fuller,” “natural appearing, ” and “not overdone.”  make sure the right filler is injected which should consist of Hyaluronic acid, and is FDA approved for lip augmentation.
  2. Avoid bringing in celebrity pictures because while it might look good on the celebrity it may not suit you.  Facial structure, age , and skin quality are very important to consider when filling lips.
  3. Make sure the injector, preferably an MD is an expert and knows how to handle complications although there are few.  Make sure they have hyaluronidase to dissolve the product.
  4. Ask about technique.  Not all injection techniques are equal.  Even though the amounts could be the same small amounts should be placed at different injection sights rather than long strands in a few sights.  larger amounts injected in few sights tend to give that overplumped look.
  5. Check the mirror.  One doesn’t have to stare at the mirror the whole time, but it is ok to pause at times to guage the progress.  This is important because symmetry and fullness can be tweaked on the spot before you leave.
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