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Ketamine in the American Journal of Medicine Dec 2018

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic medication working on NMDA receptors in the brain and  mu opioid receptors in the spinal cord. Studies show that ketamine is an effective treatment for chronic and acute pain , working even more effectively than opioids.  It has been successfully used for pain relief and reduces the amount of opioid usage. There are many studies indicating it’s effective ness for mood disorders such as depression or PTSD.  In addition evidenced based medicine is showing that ketamine has antiinflammatory effects, making it a treatment for  autoimmune pain and reducing toxins  in the body.  Studies indicate that it is neuroprotective and in certain doses can improve cognition, thus it can be useful in improving cognitive skills in Alzheimer’s. Already a medication by the name of memanitine, a weak NMDA receptor antagonist, ketamine being a stronger NMDA antagonist, is being used to improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s.  Although more studies are needed for these new benefits of ketamine, there is enough mounting evidence of ketamine’s role as an antinflammatory, brain protective medication which can improve our cognition and mental abilities.


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